Tuition fees and scholarships

Tuition fees are set at €7 000 per year across the 4-year programme.

Scholarship opportunities

Several large companies such as MCB Limited, HPC-OTCEX, L'ORÉAL and the Medine Group (Centrale Nantes' strategic partner in the establishment of the campus) have awarded scholarships enabling students to join the Bachelor programme on the Mauritius campus every year.

Ryan Abel and Yoël Turner (pictured fourth and fifth from left) started their Bachelor of Science in Engineering programme at Centrale Nantes Mauritius Campus in October 2018 thanks to scholarships awarded by the Mauritian bank MCB Limited.

This was the third consecutive year that MCB provided financial support to students enrolled at Centrale Nantes Mauritius Campus, an initiative in line with its ambition to offer quality education to outstanding engineering students.

NB Scholarship awards vary according to social and merit criteria. Applications for scholarships can only be made once a place on the programme has been offered.
Published on November 13, 2018 Updated on November 21, 2018