What to expect

What to expect from your studies at Centrale Nantes - Mauritius Campus

[legende-image]1488297229281[/legende-image] You are going to experience a different form of education from high school. However, that does not imply that you should be apprehensive about Centrale Nantes, just keep your eyes open to the new environment and learn to adjust. During the next four years, you will find yourself gaining more and more self-reliance. It does not mean that you must do everything by yourself: ask for help when you need it and stand on your own two feet when you do not. As a future engineer, you should act in a professional manner and avoid conflicts of interest. Build your professional reputation on merit and do not compete unfairly with others. In any professional position, there are certain expectations that you must fulfil. The best way to meet these expectations is to keep on top of things: do not let yourself fall behind. Therefore, go to classes prepared, have all your assignments done and questions ready. Make the best of every opportunity offered to you: participate in discussions, review your notes, and push yourself to do your best. You are building the base for your professional career: build a strong one!

Published on November 9, 2018 Updated on November 13, 2018